Date Ideas For 2021

2020 put the brakes on many people love lives, for obvious reasons. 2021 is not looking a lot better as things stand but savvier dates have been able to meet new people and continue dating – albeit in a slightly different way to before. With restrictions in place, finding date ideas can be difficult so here are some date ideas for 2021.

At the time of writing, the UK is in a full lockdown which means we are limited to video dates. If that’s the case, read our recent post on great video date ideas.

When restrictions are lifted there will still likely be guidelines in place which mean regular dates won’t be possible. This means traditional dates are off the table.

Date Ideas For 2021

Go For A Picnic

A picnic is a great first date. Being outside, in nature is really relaxing and will provide loads of conversation points. If you’re feeling fancy, why not pack a nice bottle of wine. As the weather gets warmer, think about evening picnics somewhere local. If you live near the coast, a beach picnic is perfect. Just be sure to check any local closures or restrictions before you travel.

Drive-In Cinema

The popularity of drive-in cinemas has sky-rocketed in the last year or so. Obviously, you’ll be in a car with your date so this isn’t something that can be done on a first date but is perfect if they are in your bubble. A quick search online will show you just how many drive-in cinemas have popped up recently.

Go For A Walk

This may seem a bit boring but a walk together can be a great way to get to know each other. Like with a picnic, being outside and among nature will provide a huge range of things to talk about so there should be no awkward silences. Find a local country park or national trust area and you may even find a coffee shop to grab a hot drink and a bite to eat. Again, check local restrictions to make sure these areas are open before you leave.

More Date Ideas For 2021

The common theme with these date ideas is that they are all outside. If you have shared interests then try and work this into your date. Just make sure that you stay safe and adhere to guidelines in your area.

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