How To Date In 2021 – A Guide To Virtual Dating

How to date in 2021. It has been an unusual start to the 2020s, with lockdowns, the temporary closure of almost all date venues and the chance to meet face-to-face taken away for extended periods. You may think that dating has taken a backseat in most single peoples lives but this could not be further from the truth, in fact the complete opposite is true. Savvy daters have taken to the internet to find love and online dating sites like Fish For Singles have seen a huge number of new members joining in 2020 as the option to meet on nights out or through friends has been squashed.

How To Date In 2021 - A Guide To Virtual Dating

As we approach the new year, and the ongoing uncertainty in the world of dating, we’re running down our top tips for dating in 2021.

Embrace Online Dating –

The popularity of online dating has increased massively over the years and that has never been more true than it has been in 2020. Our options for meeting eligible singles has been slashed. With more people than ever now turning to sites like Fish For Singles so there’s no better time to join than now. With more singletons than ever, you’re way more likely to find that special someone online.

Video Dating – How To Date In 2021

Having a successful video date requires more planning than just writing down a few questions to ask and keeping the conversation flowing. Think about what you would do on a “normal date” and try and apply this to a video call. You can get really inventive here. Why not cook together? There are loads of companies that sell meal kits. Order one for yourself and one for your date and cook dinner “together”. If that’s not your thing, look up virtual concerts that you would both enjoy and watch them together on video. Be inventive and you’ll be in for a really interesting and memorable date.

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Get Inventive With Face-To-Face Dates

Once we are allowed out again, make sure you’re choosing date ideas that you’ll both remember. With the uncertainty of how the dating scene will be in 2021, consider finding outdoor date ideas. This doesn’t have to mean doing any extreme sports or anything like that but look up any outdoor events taking place near you and find something that’ll make a great date. Loads of businesses are adapting to this “new normal. Part of this means them coming up with inventive ways of providing their service but in a new and exciting way. These are ready-made date ideas!

If you’re not sure whether online dating is for you, there is no better time than now to join Fish For Singles and start chatting with local singles. It’s free to join and you can even send a free message to as many people as you like. Fish For Singles has loads of features to help you find “the one” so try it now – there’s nothing to lose!

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