Is Online Dating Safe?

It’s really important that you feel safe when using an online dating site. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about it, read our top tips for staying safe online and learn what we do to protect you at Fish For Singles.

There was a time when online dating came with its fair share of stigmas. Admitting you were on an online dating site made some people feel ashamed but in 2020 that couldn’t be further from the truth. More people than ever are joining online dating sites and there is absolute no shame in joining a site like Fish For Singles.

In the past, a big reason for the negative image of online dating was rooted in the lack of safety procedures put in place by online dating sites. It was far too easy for people to set up fake accounts with little to no intervention from the companies providing dating services.

Luckily, that part of the online dating scene is long-gone. So, the big question is “What do online dating sites do to keep you safe?”.

Fish For Singles take your safety very seriously. Here are just a few thing we do to protect you if you join our dating site:


We work with the industry-leading “scammer” detecting software company, scamalytics. This involves automatically checking new members for anything that may make them suspicious and potentially non-genuine, from their IP address to photos and text uploaded to the site. If anything raises any suspicions, their profiles can be checked by our dedicated customer care team and removed from the site if necessary.

Content Moderation

At Fish For Singles, we have a 24 hour moderation team to help protect you. The team are responsible for ensuring that all content posted onto the sites by our members is not only genuine, but also appropriate. The team are always up-to-date with the latest scammer trends which are constantly evolving which means Fish For Singles can be ahead of the curve when it comes to your safety.

Customer Care

If you ever have any suspicions about any member on the site, Fish For Singles has a “Report Member” feature which will directly alert our customer care team. We check every single report we receive and will always take the necessary action to keep you safe. If you find someone who is not suspicious but you want to stop contact with them for any reason you can block their messages on the site and stop them from viewing your profile completely.

Online Dating Protector

We work with Online Dating Protector who provide helpful tips and advice for staying safe online. They also have a useful resources section which will help you if you have been the victim of scammers or other fraudulent activity online. Visit their website for help and advice.

If you are thinking about joining an online dating site but you are concerned about your safety, why not give Fish For Singles a try, safe in the knowledge that they have a load of features in place to help protect you online. If you have any more questions, check the FAQ section of the site.

Get more online dating help and advice on our blog.

We wish you all the best on your dating journey!

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The Fish For Singles Team

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