Online Dating First Impressions

In many ways, online dating is easier than meeting people face to face. Part of that is you are essentially creating your profile and sending it out into the world for people to discover. When you meet a potential partner in the “real world”, first impressions are everything. When you use an online dating site like Fish For Singles you can make sure the first impression other people have of you is one that is positive.

How many times have you started talking to someone in a bar or club and ended up saying the wrong thing? It can be down to nerves, not knowing what to say or simply a joke missing the mark. We’ve all been there. Online dating eliminates this. The first impression someone will have when they view your profile is based on things you have complete control over. How well written is your profile text? Do you have a great selection of photos to show off your personality? It’s almost like writing the perfect C.V. You can take your time and make sure it shows you in the best possible light.

Online Dating First Impressions

We’ve written recently about what type of photo you should add to your profile and what to say in your first message but making good first impressions involves a lot more than that.

Your profile needs to show other people who you are and what you are looking for on Fish For Singles. You can have well-taken photos and send a brilliant, engaging first message but if your profile text is boring (or worse, non-existent), you’re unlikely to receive replies to your messages.

How To Get More Messages

Think about what you like to see when you’re browsing the site. If you come across someone you like the look of, you’re going to want to know more about them before you start a conversation. If nothing else, writing a great profile text give your potential matches something to say in their first message to you. Maybe you share the same hobbies or have the same favourite holiday destination. These are all amazing conversation starters so make sure you have enough on your profile to get people talking to you.

In conclusion, to ensure you’re making a great first impression on Fish For Singles you’ll need a number of things. A great photo (ideally more than one), a brilliant first message and a well-written profile.

What do you think is important when it comes to online dating first impressions? Let us know in the comments below.

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