Virtual Dating – Things Not To Do On A Virtual Date

With Covid-19 putting its harrowing mark on 2020 it’s safe to say that many things have been forced to change and adapt to our new, temporary way of living, dating being one of them. A good friend of mine recently met a girl (just after lockdown 2.0 in November) and they have yet to meet in person, seeing each other and chatting only through video calls and messages. Some might say it’s bad timing, but I don’t think there’s necessarily a bad time to meet someone you like; one of our many strengths is being able to adapt to our environment. That said it got me thinking about virtual dating and the boundaries it holds when compared to pre-Covid dating. Sure, we are good at adapting to change but like anything in life it doesn’t necessarily happen without a few hiccups. Some of us enjoy exploring the boundaries of dating etiquette and always have done. Therefore, we thought we’d share some stories of what people have done during virtual dates that you should never, ever do.

1. Wear inappropriate clothing

This doesn’t mean what you might think it means! With a lot of people working from home it’s safe to say that our work attire has become a little more relaxed, and why shouldn’t it? We’ve all seen the memes of people in a zoom meeting wearing a shirt and tie and just their pants. Well, this attitude has rolled over to dating and people simply not making an effort in the comfort of their own home. We’ve had so many stories of people on dates in their tracksuit bottoms or answering the calls lying on their beds. This really is off-putting to the other people involved so if you want to improve your chances of having a good virtual date then make an effort.

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2. Wear little to no clothing

This does mean what you think it means! Women have reported back that whilst on a first virtual date with someone, they have witnessed their date either joining the call with no shirt on or in their boxers. Again, being in the comfort of your own home and approaching the situation with the attitude that it’s different from a normal date, gives people the fuel to act this way. These people would never go out for dinner or drinks in the UK shirtless or just in their pants, but they feel they can push the boundaries of what they feel is appropriate behaviour. Guys these are virtual dates you’re on, not a cams site!

3. Ask your date to give you a tour

OK, so this isn’t as bad as the other entries but it’s still inappropriate, especially on the first date. Even if you were lucky enough to go back to someone’s house or flat if a date went well you wouldn’t go snooping round their house to see how nice the place is. We all want to do this, but we don’t ask as it’s just rude. Therefore, why people think it’s OK to do this virtually is beyond us. One of our members shared his experience of a virtual date and the woman he was on a date with asked to see his flat. He did a quick tour and took the time to introduce her to his dog, Milo and once he had finished his reluctant tour, she ended the call. Now we don’t know the state of his place or if Milo did something to offend her but regardless this is how you date!

That’s it, our examples of what not to do whilst on a virtual date. Obviously, the list really can be endless, but we have just stated the obscure examples we have heard during 2020. So, to summarise, take virtual dating as seriously as you would regular dating and you will find your dates going much better.

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