Tired Of Fishing For Singles?

Online dating can be exhausting. Many of us have multiple dating apps and accounts on different dating sites. You can easily lose an evening swapping between apps, swiping away and not getting any closer to finding your next date. If you’re bored of fishing for singles here are some tips to keep things fresh.

Commit To A Few Sites Or Apps

A lot of us are guilty of having accounts on loads of different dating sites and apps. That means we never really commit to one and give it the attention it needs. Online dating is a lot easier than regular dating in many ways but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a walk in the park. Signing up and having minimal profile information isn’t going to get you the attention you deserve.

If you are one of those people, think about what site you like the most. Which one has the largest number of potential dates. We don’t just mean the number of people on there but think about what is it your looking for in a partner, look at what type of person each site or app attracts and decide which is best for you. For example, if you’re looking for young professionals, there’s no point keeping your account on a site that is full of older people. Delete it, forget it and put your focus where it needs to be.

Tired Of Fishing For Singles?

Regularly Update Your Profile

If you find yourself looking at the same people on the same dating sites day after day, remember, other people are probably doing the same. Keeping your profile fresh is really important. Not only do new photos, updated profiles etc. give you a better chance of catching someone’s eye, it also pushes your profile to the top of search pages on most dating site. The higher up the list you are, the more people will see your profile and this will almost always lead to more messages.

Think about it this way, if you saw the same profile with the same photo day after day, eventually you’d stop even noticing it. But what if that same person uploaded a new photo to their profile. You’re way more likely to click on their profile and learn a bit more about them. Keep your profile up-to-date to give you the best chance of getting noticed.

Stop Fishing For Singles In The Wrong Places

Before you join an online dating site, it’s essential to make sure you find the right site for you. There are some sites with lengthy registration processes, sometimes taking 30 minutes or more to join. If the site isn’t going to attract the type of person you want to date, that is a complete waste of time. If you want a dating site for young, fun individuals, Fish For Singles could be the site for you.

Registration only takes a minute and is completely free. All profiles are carefully checked to ensure all our members are genuine and display an understanding of online dating etiquette. Why not join us today?

If you’re new to online dating and are unsure how safe it is, read this blog about online dating safety. Already using online dating but need advice on what to write in your first message? Check out our recent post.

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  1. Hi im john im a single dad im aan outgoin chap gsoh and lookin 4 someone to cherish n enjoy life im 39 yrs old 5 11 tall slim blue eyes

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