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Video dating is something that you probably wouldn’t even consider in the past but 2020 has thrown us all a curve-ball and it’s now hugely popular. Early 2020 saw scores of companies changing the way they operated and we’re sure most of you have been involved in a virtual pub quiz at some point over the last year! While some of these ideas are already worn out (please, no more virtual pub quizzes!), there are some great ideas that can be translated into date ideas with ease. If you’re struggling for a date idea that will impress anyone, why not give one of these a go:


There are a few options for the keen chef. If you want an “off the shelf” option, try a meal delivery service, have the same ingredients delivered to you and your date and cook together on video. If you want a bit more guidance, why not try a virtual cooking course? There are loads of options available for different skills levels. Just remember, there will typically be other people on those courses which will limit the chance of private conversation.

Movie Night

This may seem really obvious but watching a mobile together is a great bonding experience. With the popularity of streaming services, you’re bound to find something that you both want to watch and you can both find online. Try to avoid this on a first date as it limits the chance to talk to each other but it’s great after a few dates if you just want to do something relaxing while in each other’s company (even if it’s virtual!).

food snack popcorn movie theater

Museum Tour

The popularity of virtual tours has shot up this year, for obvious reasons. A quick Google will show you the amount of options available to you. From the biggest museums around to smaller and more niche options, you’re bound to find something you’re both interested in. Video call each other, pick a tour you want to go on and watch and learn together.

Concert Video Date

Loads of huge artists and bands have turned to virtual concerts this year. In a way, this is preferable to going to an actual concert as it gives you more of a chance to talk to each other while enjoying the music. Look up live events if you can rather than pre-recorded ones as this makes it feel more special.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms were popping up all over major towns and cities until the start of 2020. For obvious reasons, locking a group of people in a confined space isn’t a great idea in the middle of a pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience something similar. The savvier escape room companies have already set up online experiences with integrated voice and video chat and will let you and your date enjoy an interactive experience like nothing you’ve ever done before.

There are loads of ideas when it comes to video dating so be creative. Avoid just calling and having a chat. As with face-to-face dates you want something that will provoke interesting conversation and all of these ideas are sure to do that.

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