Online Dating Tips – What Should You Write In Your First Message?

What Should You Write In Your First Message?

So you’ve nailed your online dating profile on Fish For Singles, you have the perfect photos to show off your personality and now someone has caught your eye. You need to figure out the right thing to say to hook them in with your first message.

There are few options when it comes to great opening lines and the type of message you send will depend on your personality and who it is you are messaging. You can get a good feel of someone’s personality from their profile so make sure you choose wisely! Here are just a small selection of first messages that we recommend…

Online Dating Tips - What Should You Write In Your First Message?

Make them laugh 

This doesn’t mean cheesy one-liners. Mention something from their profile to make it personal. We recommend only attempting humour if you are almost certain it is going to land. If their profile is really serious, trying to be funny may not be the way forwards.

Talk about your common interests

This is a great long-term talking point. Show that you know your stuff by going into detail about the subject. Ask questions relating to the topic as well to hopefully prompt a response.

Ask about them and their online dating experiences

People love talking about themselves, it’s human nature. While you don’t want to get too personal right away, ask questions that will get them thinking and allow them to talk about themselves. Perfect examples of this including asking about their favourite holiday or other happy memories. It allows them to express themselves and gives you the chance to learn more about them at the same time.

The most important thing to remember is to ask questions. Conversations need to go 2 ways and take effort from both sides. Provide conversation fuel and keep asking and answering questions and you’ll be sure to get along just fine.

Now you know what to say in your first message, make sure your profile is ready by checking out our blog on what type of photos you should upload to your online dating profile.

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